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گیربکس کرم درایو با موتور
موتور کرم
A robust worm-drive gearbox powered by an MM28 engine. Ideal applications where an easy to fit, high torque result is required. Great for student based projects including robots and buggies.
The machine has been designed so that the output shaft could be ‘clicked’ in and out for modification. Electronic.g. cutting down to size. The motor is snap fitted into its cradle to engage the gear and worm.
1 - 6 ولت DC
0.1A to 1A depending on load
طول شافت رانندگی: 12.5 سانتی متر
قطر میلگرد 3 میلی متر
نسبت گیربکس: 42: 1
ابعاد کلی جعبه + موتور: 35 (W) x 40 (H) x 60 (L) mm
The primary feature of this high-efficiency gear box is a worm gear, which locks the output shaft whenever the motor is not turning. The high equipment ratios of 216:1 or 336:1 get this to gearbox appropriate for little walking robots, lifting mechanisms, and various other applications where substantial torque is desired.
The low-voltage motors in the worm gearbox operate on 1.5-4.5 volts and draw up to some amps, making them perfect candidates for the DRV8833 motor driver carrier. Motor overheating can be caused by excessive stalling, actually at suprisingly low voltages. We advise that you utilize stall-detection sensors, or simply check out your robot, to make sure that it doesn’t stall for more than a few seconds at a time.
This gearbox includes a 4 mm diameter, round output shaft, which works together with the wheels that are appropriate for Tamiya 4 mm, round shafts. Our 3 mm universal mounting hub also fits on small threaded end of the shaft, though it is not particularly designed to work with this type of shaft (the hub’s set screw could damage the thread on the shaft).
Ever-Power gear motors happen to be economical, right-angle, worm-geared motors that install easily found in the tightest applications. Economical correct position worm geared motors arranged new specifications for reliability, efficiency and economy with unparalleled features including hollow shafts in the tiniest sizes. An inverter friendly design provides for easy integration right now and a future proof remedy. The Ever-Power gear engine offers total versatility in mounting options includes shaft, base, face, and flange alternatives. The engine terminal box can be mounted in choice positions rotated in 90º steps around the engine frame providing for unparalleled integration opportunities.
Ever-Power gear motors adhere to UNITED STATES and International specifications, including NEMA, IEC, CSA, and CE, the Ever-Power series allows for worldwide acceptance, a true total remedy for our global customers.
Superior protection of IP65 acc. to IEC 529 assures you that the Ever-Power series is dirt tight and hose proof,and can be utilized outdoors or in wet and dusty environments without the use of additional enclosures. Complete rated output is offered by the output shaft of the machine.
ویژگی های محصول
قدرت تا 5,5،XNUMX کیلو وات.
گشتاور 25… 1.000 نیوتن متر
سرعت خروجی 0,2،300… 1 دقیقه -XNUMX
امکانات نصب همه کاره
کاملاً محصور ، در برابر اسپری آب و گرد و غبار مهر و موم شده است
روغن کاری بعد از 1 ساعت تغییر می کند
دنده کم صدا
اتصال اصلی 110… 690V ، 50 / 60Hz
محفظه IP65 (استاندارد) ، IP66 (اختیاری)
ویژگی های اضافی:
اتصال با اتصالات پلاگین.
با اینورتر یکپارچه تا 7,5،XNUMX کیلو وات.
CSA ، UL ، ATEX ، GOST ، CCC ، ISO9001 ، ISO14001 ، OHSAS18001
موتورها مطابق با EN 60034
دسته خوردگی بر اساس DIN ISO 12944-5
C1 ، C2 ، C3 ، C4 ، C5-We ، C5-M
موتورهای دنده ای WORM DC
Ever-Power DC worm gear motors are the solution for applications requiring a corner turn, optional dual output, or perhaps an inability for the motor to be back again driven. The DC correct angle gear motors are designed for continuous and intermittent duty procedure. Our right angle equipment reducers were created with many mounting plate choices, making them perfect for a variety of DC engine based applications. We offer 12 ratios ranging from 5:1 to 100:1.
1/43 تا 3/8 HP
12 ، 24 ، 90 ، 130 ، 180 VDC ، 115 FWR
9 - 475 دور در دقیقه
1.5 - 315.9 گشتاور گشتاور در پوند
اندازه قاب 60 ، 80 ، 108 میلی متر
نسبتهای استاندارد 5: 1 - 100: 1
Standard brush life of 2000+ time (varies by application)
EP Products Worm Equipment Motors are created to generate high torque in a little package size. Worm Gear Motors are great for applications that require a self- locking or breaking characteristic since the result shaft can’t rotate when there’s no power applied. On top of that, Worm Gearheads can transfer movement in 90 degrees. With various reduction ratios, precision slice gears, voltages and sizes, EP Items includes a DC Worm Equipment Motor solution for your application.
ویژگی ها و مزایا
قابلیت های گشتاور بالا
ویژگی های خود قفل / ترمز
انتقال حرکت 90 درجه
توانایی رسیدگی به نسبت های کاهش دنده بزرگ
طول عمر بالا
نویز پایین
پیکربندی انعطاف پذیر
Protection Door Locks / Industrial Conveying Devices / Security Gates / Teeth Seats / Ambulance Cots & Stretchers Quite a few DC Motors can be complimented with among our Worm Gearheads. EP Items will continue to work with you to design and manufacture a Worm Gear Engine which will optimize the overall performance of your specific application.
ساخته شده به نیازهای خاص خود را
نوع موتور: برس دار / بدون برس / بدون هسته
سرعت خروجی
نرخ کاهش
مواد و اندازه شفت
مواد دنده ای
Shaft Configuration: (D Slash / Round / Splined / Other)
پارامترهای اندازه عمومی (L ، W ، H)
نوع رمزگذار: اثر نوری / هال
الزامات اضافی مونتاژ (سیمهای سیم ، اتصالات و غیره)
The turbo metal gear worm motor uses a metal gear box for strength and a higher torque output. Due to the special mechanical structure of the worm get the motor output shaft is definitely self locking and may not be rotated.
This part uses a two wire connection and supports direction control in addition to PWM speed control. Rated voltage is 12v and will achieve 40RPM, with a torque of 8kg/cm.
ولتاژ کار: 6 - 15 ولت
ولتاژ: 12V
سرعت بدون بار: 40 دور در دقیقه
جریان بدون بار: 35 میلی آمپر
گشتاور نامی: 32 دور در دقیقه
جریان نامی: 180 میلی آمپر
گشتاور نامی: 2.2 کیلوگرم سانتی متر
قدرت نامشخص: 1.1 W
گشتاور اصطبل: 8 کیلوگرم در سانتی متر
جریان غرفه: 1 A
نسبت کاهش: 1: 150
وزن: 167 گرم
EP Geared Motors with Worm Gearing - فناوری درایو مدولار و قابل تنظیم
Worm gear products from EP DRIVESYSTEMS especially display their power in applications where great gear ratios are essential. Our worm geared motors happen to be therefore optimally suited for use in intralogistics, packaging technology and the food & beverage industry.
Four great reasons for EP worm geared motors:
موتورهای دنده ای کرم دار ما ظرفیت بارگذاری بالاتری دارند
نگهداری دوستانه
Washdown versions allow simple and effective cleaning of the travel system.
حفاظت در برابر خوردگی
تبدیل سطح مهر و موم شده NSD tupH استثنایی در برابر مواد شیمیایی ، مقاوم در برابر خوردگی و سایش است.
انعطاف پذیری
طراحی مدولار ما آزادی مطلوب را به کاربران می دهد.
سیستم مدولار برای حداکثر انعطاف پذیری: واحدهای دنده کرم EP ما
There are numerous applications that require drive systems, and each one of these has its own unique requirements. The EP series worm equipment motors could be quickly and efficiently adapted to fulfill your needs.
Worm gear products impress with their high power density and small design. If required, we are able to also source them with the highly effective nsd tupH surface area treatment.
In addition to the basic EP housing, we offer an extensive line of bolt-on parts to customize the product including torque arms, shaft covers and output flanges. These could be easily field installed, but we may also be glad to assemble the individual components for you.
Find out more about our modular SI worm geared motors!
یافتن پست های بیشتر
Smooth and Tidy: The EP worm gear unit SMI
SMI worm gear units feature a soft, corrosion-resistant alluminum alloy casing. Optional nsd tupH surface conversion makes this product preferably suited for severe and challenging industries like food processing and pharmaceuticals.
Flexible input designs such as NEMA, IEC or direct motor mounts in additional foot or flange mounted casing designs.
موتورهای دنده ای کرم دار
موتورهای دنده ای کرم برای محدوده قدرت کم.
The WATT small worm gear unit adapt themselves concerning UNIBLOCK design optimally in the geared motor program. The units possess on all sides different fixing possibilities and enable an easy assembling for the customer.
Other drive configurationscan be designed by use of built-about accessories (e.g. torque arm and result flanges). The housings are created in light weight construction out of aluminium die cast. Motor attachment is realised in general by means of IEC adapter B5 or B14A.
داده های تکنیکی
تعداد اندازه ها: 5
محدوده قدرت: 0.12 - 2.2 کیلو وات
محدوده گشتاور خروجی: 17 - 230Nm
نسبت: 5 - 100
گزینه خروجی: شافت خروجی ، شافت خروجی در هر دو طرف ، شافت توخالی ، شافت توخالی با دیسک کوچک
مونتاژ / نصب: رفع انسداد ، فلنج ، بازوی گشتاور
Buy Worm Drive Gearbox with Motor – incorporating the following features: 1 to 6V voltage rating, 17100 rpm simply no load swiftness, 220g-cm stall torque, 3mm shaft size, 60mm long, 35mm extensive, 40mm high, a good robust worm travel gearbox powered by an MM28 electric motor (included), most suitable for applications where a simple to fit, high torque result is required, nylon housing and gear, requires light oil or silicon grease lubrication, well suited for student based tasks including robots and buggies.
Most ideal for applications where a simple to match, high torque output is required
Ideal for student based projects including robots and buggies
Reversible Great torque Turbo Worm Gear Electric motor JGY370 DC 12V 40RPM
Reversible Huge torque Turbo Worm Gear Engine JGY370 DC 12V 40RPM
The motor is Gear DC engine with micro-turbine worm, you can transform the wiring-connection to improve motor rotation.
Turbo worm geared electric motor with self-lock, that is, in the case of motor without electrical, the outcome axis is definitely fixed, self-lock.
The reducer output shaft arranged vertically with the engine shaft, whole engine output shaft relatively-short than general gear engine, widely used to be installed the dimensions requirements strictly occasion.
مدل: JGY370
ولتاژ DC12V
بدون سرعت بار: 40r / min
گشتاور خروجی: 5.6 کیلوگرم سانتی متر
دارای رتبه فعلی: 0.06A
وزن: 163g
Application: open the windows, door, Mini winch. Ect.
In sumo robot or combat robot competition where huge holding torque’s engine is essential to avoid your robot being pushed by your opponent robot. The worm gear is definitely a much better option when compared to spur gear motor. Why is worm gear so particular? Check this wiki out: Worm Drive.
“Unlike with ordinary equipment trains, the path of transmission (input shaft vs result shaft) isn’t reversible when using large reduction ratios, because of the increased friction involved between your worm and worm-wheel, when usually an individual start (1 spiral) worm is used. This can be an advantage when it is desired to eliminate any probability of the output driving the input.”
به عبارت دیگر ، فشار دادن بار شما (به عنوان مثال ربات) اگر موتور قدرت یا چرخش نداشته باشد دشوار است.
ویژگی ها و مشخصات:
جعبه دنده فلزی
شافت نتیجه به دلیل ویژگی دنده کرم ، خود قفل می شود
ولتاژ نامی: 12 ولت DC
سرعت خروجی دارای امتیاز: 150 دور در دقیقه
گشتاور خروجی نامی: 117mN.m (1.2kgf.cm)
گشتاور متوقف شده: 196mN.m (2 کیلوگرم سانتی متر)
بدون بار بار: 60 میلی آمپر
جریان متوقف شده: 1.8A
قطر شافت خروجی: 6 میلی متر با شکاف 4.5 میلی متر
وزن: 150g

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